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3 Pre-Set Lie Angles Left HandedMinimize
3  Pre-Set Lie Angles Left Handed
Why have different lie angles ?Minimize
So what are the reasons for offering the BI 3 putter with different fixed lie angles?

When we commence the putting process, the most critical element is the delivery of a consistent stroke that matches the putt calculation AND putt visualisation.


This can only truly be achieved by having a fixed lie angle to the putter, so that the putter head and shaft angle is SET. This set position is relative to the ball and putting green surface every time, for every putt.



The BI 3 Putter is available in 3 different fixed lie angles for both LEFT and RIGHT handed players.


    66deg, 70deg and 74deg.


When a player sets up for a putt with the BI 3 Putter fixed lie angle, best suited to his or her style, you  maximise a consistent set up which can effectively minimise postural and positional errors in putting.

3 Pre-Set Lie Angles Right HandedMinimize
3 Pre-Set Lie Angles Right Handed