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Chapter 4


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15/03/2012 9:18 PM RssIcon

DAY 1 dawns and if I was a tad nervy during practice than I’m now doing an impersonation of OJ Simpson at a family reunion.

My long standing wife who has been there with me through thin and even thinner is at my side assuring me that I still have on of the best swings in Willow Vale. As soon as we arrive at the course I head straight to the locker room, making sure not to let one rip without the aid if the porcelain safety net. I find a cubicle as far away from everywhere as possible and drop the old duds. Now being 6 feet 4 has it’s advantages and probably none more so than the ability to see over toilet cubicle doors. Just as I’m about to take up the usual posture someone else walks into the toilet opposite me… It’s my wife!

Instincts are a funny thing and when I saw the back of Sandra’s head going into the cubicle opposite, for a split second I didn’t think much of it. I see the back of her head going in and out of doorways every day and yes, usually right after I drop my duds. After my head cleared a little more it suddenly dawns on me that I’m actually in the Women’s toilets of one of the more exclusive clubs in Sydney.

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On November 8 a German armistice commission was received by Marshal Foch in his personal railway coach, which served as his headquarters, at Compi猫gne. When the German military services leaders were knowledgeable with the terms from the armistice, they argued that demise in fight was preferable to humiliation in the peace table. On the other hand, on November ten, Kaiser William abdicated and fled for the Netherlands, and also a new civilian government introduced its acceptance in the Allied phrases.
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