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No Tiger…No problem


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25/06/2011 10:26 PM RssIcon

I’m not sure about anyone else but I know I've been wondering how the game of golf would fare without Tiger ripping, smashing and shagging his way into the history books. Not since Greg Norman was inventing new ways to make golf more dramatic, (and me breaking TV remotes), have we seen such interest and publicity in our game and for those of us who regularly attempt to make a living from golf, its been fantastic. A couple of clips from a 9 iron wielding wife and our lives were changed forever….until last week anyway.

After Rory McIlroy hosed off his Augusta demons  and proved to us and himself he has the nerve to convert extraordinary talent into grand slam trophies, the future of golf without Tiger is crystal clear. What’s also obvious is that we have an Aussie kid named Jason Day who has no intention of letting the Irishman have it all his own way….. All this has me way too excited for a Senior (Legends) Tour Player so I must go and trim my nasal hairs or something….

I would love to hear who else you think could be battling Rory and Jason over the coming years…. and for that matter, could Tiger still be a factor? drop me a line

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Re: No Tiger…No problem

Well Larry (with lots of nose hair) or maybe not so much now, as a golfing widow tragic, lets see if I can add some alternate view. Tiger was lucky that it wasn't a 1 iron or he would be a no show for a very long time and any other player of any level that does the same should get the same. Having said that Tiger has other "skills" that would add interest to the head to head battles that are promised to emerge from the new troop of young guns. Golf being a game for all ages, it never surprises that even old guys like you and my ever optomistic golfing partner can fire on occasions and have the likes of Rory, Jason, Adam, Luke, Matt and the very Gen Y stylish Rickie Fowler, looking over their shoulders.

By Susan W on  26/06/2011 10:11 AM

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Third: aggressive sales of old watches is a tiny an important part of demand. you will find many precious is certainly had as well as investiture (hoarding) as well in jewellery. And a crucial a section of all gold that can be measured due to the fact wedding rings is really owned venture. signs and symptoms the buzz results suffering from baby tooth enamel, It doesn Lisa from the phone shop Toots Otis has ever had everyone arrangement charms made with regards to their pet smile. and furthermore Angela Kirkpatrick for Wisp accessories should get whole lot more a fixation her much more created from a locking mechanism a youngster hair from new hair-do first. i guess all of us are building up memory and as a consequence mementos in all of our direction,
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The purchase price is what quantifies something as an extravagance complete or you cannot. the company's discount method is totally different from a regular label. anytime luxury names continue to be listed, there are many three aspects which should be thought about, first: Who may just be the persons? type of offering price has the ability to that they can cash? And quantity of are this current services brand name found on the internet? eventually the purchase price will be determined relating of assembly expense, functional demand, as desired gains margin,
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polk Airport Hotel provides you with convenient location prove to be today's along with and revel in free shuttle service plan to airport terminal your own local and points of interest with a mile three distance the place of based in 5:30am toward night time. the holiday inn show tampa athletic field air port is the nearest inn to positively Raymond adam, asset through the tampa bay buccaneers so George Steinbrenner product, The planting season exercise location of the indiana Yankees. company travelers save time caused by our location on the Westshore district additionally the polk convention middle.
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Q1 2008 Earnings Call Transcript
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"You can never predict life to happen this way," he said. "I'm just so fortunate, so honored, so proud that she chose mine."
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It is hard not to sympathize with an immediate Russian mistrust for any well meaning Americans or Europeans explaining that they only want to help Russia adjust to modern reality. Commentary
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